Thursday, October 14, 2010

Bible Software for the rest of us

Over at Pyromaniacs, Phil Johnson and Dan Phillips just wrote of their love for Logos4 and BibleWorks8 respectively. I'm sure that their reviews are right on. I can't comment myself because I can't afford either of them. But I would be willing to review them if anyone would like to purchase them for me (and a computer fast enough to run them) :)

For the rest of us, E-Sword is excellent free software which both Phil and Dan confess to using when needing something quick or just copy and pasting text. I've used E-Sword and I really do like it. It just runs a little slow on my antique computer. Another problem is that it isn't available in a portable version for installation on a flash drive.

The Word Bible SoftwareThe program I've found to be the right price (free), quick, powerful, and portable is The Word. It is quick and responsive even on my dinosaur. Everything is customizable. The lay out, the colors, the fonts, everything can be simply modified to suit your tastes. It can be configured to allow roll-over pop-ups of definitions and available commentaries of any word or verse. The My-Verse Notes feature allows notes to be written for any verse as well as commentary for chapters and books. These are placed into a “tree” format, much like a book's table of contents.

There are many official resources available, and many more unofficial ones as well. Plenty for reading and research. Whether you use The Word for reading, devotion, or study, this program works great for the price!

See titleImage via WikipediaThe entire program can be loaded and ran on a flash drive allowing it to go where ever you do. A useful feature if you find yourself behind multiple computers.

This is a great program. Praise God there are people out there with the ability and love to create and distribute bible software such as E-Sword and The Word. Thanks!

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