Friday, April 23, 2010

When Christians act like the ex-Chain Smoker

Here is a great post I read on the Irish Calvinist Blog. How quickly we turn on those who are as we once were. Here is an excerpt.
  There are many things about the Christian life that are a mystery to me. One of the things that is a mystery and that chaffs my spirit is when a Christian begins to get something and then goes militant against his former ilk. You know what I mean; they begin to understand something theologically profound and impacting and then they are ready to shred anyone of their former friends because they do not get it.  Often times the refrain, “I can’t believe they don’t get this. Are they blind?!”

  A friend of mine has likened this to the ex-chain smoker who now can’t stand people who smoke. The guy used to suck down cigs like slurpies but now he is free from that vice and everyone else is suddenly an idiot.
 Read the rest of the post here.
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