Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Book Review: You Can Be Everything God Wants You To Be by Max Lucado

  This book is a breath of fresh air! Max Lucado's You Can be Everything God Wants You to Be is one you will read quickly and wish there was more of it. We can become so accustomed to thinking that living our Christian life is something we have to do, we forget that it is something God designed us to do. We were made for this. God individually designed each of us to uniquely display his glory, so why not honor him by doing what makes you - you!

  Max walks through finding your "sweet spot", which he defines as using "your uniqueness (what you do) to make a big deal out of God (why you do it) every day of your life (where you do it).

As for finding your God given talents, Max simply asks, "What have you always done well and what have you always loved to do?" He wisely suggests looking back at your childhood and reminiscing on what things captivated you. What did you often find yourself doing that you did well? So simple yet so revealing!

  A sticker on the cover of my copy that I received free from Nelson Publishers says that it is the "Perfect gift for the graduate." I 'd have to agree. Perfect for those wondering what they are going to do with the rest of their lives. A nice blend of optimism and realism, best summed up in the truth, "You cannot be anything you want to be. But you can be everything God wants you to be."
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