Thursday, February 25, 2010

My Road

  I recently read and reviewed the Joseph Road by Jerry White. This book has really got me thinking about my life and God's plan for it. If there is one thing I have learned is that God's plans aren't future events, they are now! Today is the day. Now is the time. These are the days of our lives... sorry, I know that was lame:) 

  I know I've been guilty of searching for hours, trying to discover God's will for my life not realizing that I was already in it. Looking into the future to see what great things I could do for God, all the while neglecting the great work he has placed me in the midst of. I guess we are all guilty of imagining our great purposes being performed in some glorious work, manifested to all and forever remembered in history. But that's not reality.

  God has not called us to wait for just the right moment to go above and beyond. We are called to live like this everyday. Joseph didn't wait till he was second in command of mighty Egypt to step up to his a “A” game. He wasn 't saving his best till he stumbled across a worthy calling. God expects our best in every situation no matter how horrible or mundane. Remember, the God who raised Joseph to power in Egypt, first humbled him in slavery and then locked him in prison. Was not Joseph's fall, as much a part of God's plan as his rise?

   This is what I find most inspiring and most challenging when observing Joseph's road. He was faithful in slavery. He was diligent in prison. How many of us would have just wrote those times off as waste and hoped for another chance later? Joseph didn 't. This was his chance. Today was his day. He found himself in circumstances that were cruel and unfair, yet he responded with faithfulness and kindness. He did good when I'm not so sure I would have. He seized opportunities that I would have prayed to have passed me by. How much have I already missed? God forgive me!

   What is God's will for my life? The life he has given me right now! He has called me to be a husband to my wife, a father to my kids, an employee to my employer (ouch!), a witness of Jesus Christ and his saving grace to all I meet. These are the mighty tasks to which I have been called and must give my all to perform. These are the opportunities God has laid before me. Oh God, please don't let me miss it!
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