Wednesday, January 20, 2010

King James Only-ism?

     Now that I've settled on the ESV bible I thought I'd address  the issue of King James only-ism, just in case someone thinks I've crossed the line into heresy. I believe that God has preserved his word in the original languages and it is up to us to translate into English, Spanish, Russian or whatever.  I know some feel that God's word has been preserved in the King James Version and everything else is corrupt. I'm not an expert in this field so I'll just direct any concerns to sites where you can research for yourself.

King James Only? is blog dedicated to this issue. This is from their about page.
Hysteria, misinformation, rancor and hype fill the King James Version (KJV) only debate. Cynicism sometimes colors the view of those on both sides of the debate. This blog aims to confront the King James craze head on, and evaluate the claims of KJV-onlyism from a Biblical perspective.

The authors are all former proponents of KJV-onlyism. Each has made his own journey out of that movement. We shall do our best to fairly represent the opposite view here, yet we acknowledge that there are multiple varieties of the KJV-only position.
King James Only Research Center is another site with much useful information on both sides of the debate.

James White of Alpha and Omega Ministries has dealt with issue many times. Their website contains helpful resources.
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