Friday, January 22, 2010

Individually or together?

  OK, so this has been on my mind lately. How are we taught from (of) God and his kingdom?  More specifically, in whether he wants us to learn independently as individuals or in the context of a community. Does God want us to learn isolated from others and want they have learned and to give each individual direct revelation from him and his word or does God want us to learn together, giving different bits and pieces to different individuals and requiring his body to come together to see the whole picture, so to speak?
  •   First, let me say what I'm not saying! I am not saying that each believer does not need to read and study God's word for themselves. Everyone must spend time immersed in the scriptures if they are to know God.
  •   Secondly, I am not ignoring the work of the Holy Spirit in the revelation of truth. He must illumine our minds and enable us to receive anything of God.
  Without the reading of scripture and the enlightenment of the Holy Spirit we would be unable to discern whether any doctrine is true or false regardless if it "came from us" or from others.

  Now having said all that, what do you think? Should we expect God to simply fill us individually with all revelation or does he intend us to be dependent on fellow believers for greater understanding?

  One thing that would factor into this, is the idea of tradition. Does God reveal everything to every generation or does he want us to build upon what he has revealed to those who have gone before us? Is there such a thing as tradition. If so what does it look like?

  I'm definitely bringing up too many topics to be covered in one post. Basically we're delving into the nature and method of God revealing truth to us, either as individuals or as a body. There is so much more I could go into, but for now I'll leave it as it is. Depending how the discussion goes, I'll comment or post again later.

Have at it!
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